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Dollar Weekly

GDXJ is going to run into resistance at about $53.77 (sep 2013)…wait for confirmation…bookmark this chart for future reference

GDX is ready to rally…will get a higher high I think based on this formation…

NUGT swing may happen on August 8th based on the intersection of the forks…the blue dot

Silver Long term


Gold, Silver and Miners Weekend Report

Next week is going to be critical as we are at a critical junction with respect to the moving averages in the precious metals forecast.

Lets start by looking at Silver.

On the weekly you can see that Silver has started to breakdown in its indicators. CCI is below the 80 line with confirmation from RSI. I am forecasting a inverse head and shoulders pattern forming which should be a good formation for the baby bull market to establish. This market may run up for the next few years. Also note that the slow stoc is turning.

sc (1)

The silver daily chart next shows the potential island reversal pattern (cyan circle). Very high likelihood of it gapping down next week. Also TRIX has crossed down. Very bearish sign atleast until the brexit on June 23rd


On the next gold weekly we can see that all the indicators are turning down nicely. Also notice that there is a gap at 114 that needs to be filled up…sc (2)

On the GDX weekly you can see that stocRSI is dropping giving us an advance warning that this sector is going to go down. Also I have drawn the thought pattern for GDX for the next few weeks…Fast TSI is ready to cross over…

sc (4)

The final chart driving all the above action is the usd…I will looking to get into the precious metal markets when dollar reacts to the blue line…

sc (5)

Good luck to us all NOW!!!

Gold Market Update

Gold is getting to ready to make a move…gld

in the above chart you can see we have developed a double bottom and gold has started to move up…scCAO9UWRP

in the above chart you can see the parabola from  2010 seems to have completed its move…   

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