10152017 Weekly Premium Subscriber Report

Starting with the miners…we got whipsawed last week. I think miners are going to drop for few weeks in to November end. I will show you why when we look at the gold fib timing chart.

On GDX chart below, i am showing five support zones. GDX could tag one or all of them depending on what gold does. i think 20.5 to 21.5 is a sweet zone.


GLD could tag the 105 zone before a bounce…gld GDXJ is showing 32 as a target zone…Precious Metals Forecast 3

Gold could tag 1240 on this drop into ICL/YCL…

Precious Metals Forecast 4

Gold fib chart shows that gold could drop into November last week before delivering a santa rally…

Precious Metals Forecast 5

Silver will follow suit to gold…Precious Metals Forecast 6

JNUG could tag the red dot easily around $15 on this drop…Precious Metals Forecast 7

Dow combo chart shows that trix is turning down. our timing from gold says that dow should start falling in earnest in few weeks time…

Precious Metals Forecast 9

I would like to see at least a 20% drop in stock market to reset sentiment…Precious Metals Forecast 10

If crude closes above the blue rail then it will rally to higher levels…

Precious Metals Forecast 11

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